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Slow or unresponsive Desktop PC – This is a common issue with PC’s and computers in general overtime and with use they will slow down. There is a number of reasons why. Generally, a full service and clean-up will get you back up to speed however, in some cases everyday wear and tear on hardware components may also be the cause. We can assess your machine and advise what is best for you on an individual and personal basis.


Virus’s, Spyware, Pop-ups – It happens to all of us at one point or another, one moment you are reading your favourite news site the next you are staring at a pop up that is requesting you call a freephone number. Maybe you have clicked a link on google and you have ended up being re directed to a page you did not expect. If any of this sounds familiar it may be worth getting a service and clean up done on your laptop as these are likely symptoms of adware and other malicious programs on your machine.

Never call the number that is displayed on a pop up saying your computer is infected with a virus. This is a common scam, and you should always take your machine to your trusted laptop repair centre.

Boot errors and Hard Disk Drive issues – 90% of desktop computers over 3 years old are fitted with a standard HDD (hard disk drive). Over time these do inevitably wear out, causing slow, unresponsive, or in some cases complete boot failure of your PC. We can replace your HDD either with a like for like part or upgrade you to a more modern, much faster Solid-State Drive. Sometimes when an HDD fails it can be difficult to recover the data that was on the machine, we also have you covered there with a 95% success rate in data recovery.

See how an SSD compares to an HDD by clicking the link below to view our video

SSD vs HDD Speed Comparison

Software and hardware repairs – From a dead power supply to Outlook email issues we have you covered. Some of our most common desktop repairs and services include.

  • Memory replacment and upgrades
  • Hard drive replacments
  • Power issues
  • Solid state drive upgrades
  • Backup solutions
  • Software setup and installation
  • Data recovery
  • Complete custom build setups
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Custom built gaming PC’s – From budget builds to top of the line we have you covered. All our custom built machines come with a 12 month parts and labour warranty as standard with an option to upgrade to 3 years if required. We use parts from multiple brands including EVGA, Gigabyte Aorus, Asus ROG, Corsair, Samsung, PNY and many more to ensure your machine is built around you. Click the button below to configure your own PC as well as see what it’ll cost before you order. Can’t find what you want? Get in touch via our contact us page and we can discuss a personalised quotation.

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